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Student Testimonials

“Kingsley is an amazing teacher. He teaches in a very approachable way. He’s less concerned with impressing you with his own ability like most online piano teachers. Instead, he makes sure you get the knowledge you need to learn fast… and really fast.”

Justin Winthers

“Halfway through the course and so far so good. Crazy how much I've learned in just a couple of days of focus. I can't wait to finish the course.”

Jaem Dessources

“I had 7 years of academic music school, If only someone would explain me so easily how to memorize scales and play progressions and read accords I would play piano much more freely and could play my favorite song too. Now I can. Thank you Kingsley for such simple and understandable course.”

Jevgenia Sh

“Where have you been all my life?? I wish I would have learned the piano this way years ago. I wouldn't have gotten so frustrated. Thank you so much for this course.”

Ann Knight

“Dear Sir, it has been such sheer delight to be able to go through this course content. It has helped me to improvise my playing to the next level at my church! The way you teach makes the content so simplified to understand! It has motivated me to purchase two of your added courses! Thank you so much!”


“Very enjoyable course. Kingsley has a very easy going style and he's pleasant to listen to. Every once in a while his thoughts seem to ramble but he usually makes his way back to the subject matter and his explanations are very discernible. As an aside I love listening to the piano he's using. It has a soft and warm tone which goes well with his playing style”

Rick Mensch

“I like that he is showing us his way of doing things. I would rather learn from someone who has figured out the shortcuts, hand movements, etc. from their experiences. I can tell he is a pro!”

Richard Fedora

“This is a great course, the instructor explains the concepts very well. For a start, I found the lesson on scale fingerings very useful as I have always had trouble with the sharp/flat keys, but there are many more simple but great sounding ideas here.”

Phil Hollis

“I'm a classically trained pianist and composer and I am currently self-teaching jazz/gospel/pop and I have already learned so much from this course. It's easy to find theory online but more challenging to see and hear its applications.”

Brandon Johnson

“Clear explanations and appropriate length videos. I'm a bass player and I thought I knew my major scale, but I definitely learned something new today!”

Jukka Harju

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